October 06, 2019

There is no perfect picture of diversity - literally or figuratively.  We all think we know what diversity is, but the reality is the picture of diversity looks different to different people.

There is no clear answer - other than we must all learn to respect one another.   JFK once said, "if we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity."

While I have tremendous respect for him and wonder where he would have been able to take this country if he had not been taken from us, I really believe he was way off the mark on this statement.

"If we cannot now end our differences" suggests that we can at some point in time be able to end our differences.  But more importantly it suggests that we actually WANT to end our differences.

I respectfully disagree.  Our differences are what make this world great. Our differences are what make our world grow.  Our differences are what make this world healthy.  Our differences are what allow us to survive.  Our differences are our strength!

Old/Young, Black/White/Brown, Woman/Man, Gay/Straight, Conservative/Progressive - just to count a identify a few differences.  These differences make us look at the world in new ways - make us consider things we may not have considered - help us to see differently.

Here is to our differences!  Without them - we are nothing.


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