October 15, 2019

I hate you because ____________.  (fill in the blank)


It never ceases to amaze me.  Everywhere you turn, there are people, groups of people even, that hate other groups because of some actions of individuals within that group.  How exactly did anyone person become so perfect that they can demean another group of people?  The reality is they aren’t.   We are all part of a group of people, whether that be whites, blacks, Hispanics, gays, lesbians, cops, military, native Americans, women conservatives, liberals, etc. 

Here is a shocker – none of them are perfect, none of them can stand on a pedestal claiming that they have handled everything perfectly, none of them can plant a flag in the land no-faults.  Every single group has MANY examples of members of that group making bad decisions, doing terrible things and being horrible, even reprehensible representatives of the group.

What I fail to understand is how people within any group can stand so proudly, defiantly, self-righteously – and point fingers at another group saying the entire group is soiled because of the actions of the few.  The old “one bad apple” approach is not reality.   Can they point fingers at individuals within the group and say “that is a bad person” or “those are bad actions”?  Absolutely!  But, how can we paint entire groups of people as bad, when individuals within that group are the problem?  It is the individual – not the group!

This attitude exists at extremely heighted levels today.  We need to understand that there are very different levels of thought within each group.  Within the individual group there are subgroups, subgroups of subgroups, subgroups of…. you get the idea.  The point is – we need to recognize that every group has individuals that act in ways that do not represent the entire group and we cannot condemn the entire group for those actions.  We CAN condemn the individuals that act in those ways – and we should, loudly!



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