September 29, 2019

It is time – our time!  As a society we must stand up and say what we believe is right or wrong.  As individuals we must stand up and voice our opinions.    At Prevail Card, our opinion is simple – the current state of society is not acceptable.  The current leadership of this country is giving authority and permission to people harboring thoughts of hatred and bigotry – and many people are using that authority provided to take action on those thoughts. 

This approach has been proven so many times in history – if someone of authority gives permission, gives the order, encourages behavior – people will act in horrific ways.  Scientifically, Prof. Stanley Milgram of Yale University proved this out in his ground-breaking experiments in the 1960’s.  In his experiments, he gave a test subject the “ok” to apply electric shock treatment to other test subjects.  The result – people applied (or at least they thought they did) dangerous levels of electrical shock to people in distress – even when faced with the knowledge that the person in distress had medical problems.  Why?  Because someone else said it was “ok”.

Historically, across the world people have performed unimaginable acts because someone else said it was “ok”.  The crusades, German euthanasia programs in the 30’s, the Holocaust, US sterilization and eugenics programs, the Trail of Tears – I could really go on and on.  The point is simple – normally good-willed people can do terrible things if they are given even tacit authority to do so.

This is where we are today – authority (some explicit, some implicit) has been given to people to express and act on thoughts of hatred and bigotry.  In our opinion – it is destroying our country.  If we want to save our country from a continued spiral into in-fighting, hate and separationist thoughts – we need to stand up and say that it is NOT OK.

We are trying to do just that with the Prevail Card.  We are changing the conversation from “trump” to “Prevail”.   Rather than metaphorically saying that you “played your trump card” to win – say “I played my Prevail Card”.  The word trump is forever connected to discussions of hatred and bigotry – so let’s remove it from our discussion.  Going forward let the “Prevail Card” be the calling card of people who believe in winning with respect and dignity for all.  

For people that disagree with the current state of the US – we will Prevail!  If the current leadership is giving tacit authority to discriminate – we are saying that authority doesn’t exist. 

Our country has grown through the contribution of different cultures and races from the beginning – starting with Native American Indians and continuing through immigrants from around the world.  From European settlers, to Chinese railroad workers, Italian miners and all the countless other groups of people that have laid the foundation of our success – we are all Americans.

No longer is it acceptable to stand behind the tacit authority of bigotry - play your Prevail Card, not your trump card.


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