August 26, 2019

We are very excited to be so close to launching the Prevail Card - almost 3 years after it first became an idea.  We have one more step before we are fully live - a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for production and marketing.

Our goal we to recognize that all of us are connected through out humanity - yet, give a voice to our own individual differences.  We have built out message around some very simple concepts - respect, empathy, acceptance, dignity and compassion.  We feel these are the basic and fundamental values of being human.

While the Prevail Card is a new brand of cards, comprised of several designs celebrating our differences - it is really a tool, designed specifically to create small conversations around the world about our basic values.

Hopefully, by creating these small conversations - we can actually impact the social dialogue around the world - if if we can do that, well, we can all change the world just a little.



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