September 05, 2019

The first thing I imagine that you may think in reading the title is – “ is NECESSARY the right word?”.

Well, yes, NECESSARY, is the right word. 

You see, the voice of hate is too strong today, the voice of racism too rampant, and the voice of bigotry too real.   These voices are not new – they have been around for centuries here in the US and even longer around the world.  The prevalence and volume of the voices historically grow in times where  they are fed and supported by events and conditions of the time. Unfortunately, today they are being supported in force.

The reality is simple – our country’s current leadership is giving license to people who harbor these feelings.   By speaking words sympathetic to and sometimes directly in support of the thoughts and feelings of hate – he is giving authority to those voices.

That authority is all people need to feel confident to stand up and voice their true feelings of hate.  Unfortunately for all of us, there are a lot of people who feel so strongly they voice those feelings of hate loudly and directly at the recipients of their hate - and sometimes, regrettably, take action in the name of hate. 

History is clear, hatred and leaders that promote hatred do not prevail.  Leaders that build foundations of community, of respect and of equality, prevail in becoming icons for future generations.  But, it takes support of the masses, support of everyday people to stand up to the hate.

So, yes - it is NECESSARY for each of us to stand up with our individual voices to stop the hatred, to stop the bigotry, to stop the thought that for one group of people to succeed they need to put down another group of people.  No matter what demographic we are individually part of – no matter what belief system we each individually possess, we must stand behind the respect that we are different than one another, but we are the same and we are equal in our humanity.

It is NECESSARYfor the voices of respect and acceptance to find new and creative outlets to communicate and to establish a critical mass of people voicing the message of respect, empathy and acceptance. 

While the Prevail Card was created with a wink and nod toward changing the phrase “to play your trump card” in card games and as a metaphor in life for winning, to “to play your Prevail Card” – it was done so with the full intent of establishing a voice that says it is NOT ok to hate or encourage hate, it is NOT ok to mock someone because they different than you, it is NOT ok to demean someone facing challenges in life – rather, it IS ok to show compassion and empathy, it IS ok to respect someone else’s beliefs even though they are different than yours, and it IS ok to accept that all people are equal.

We want the phrase “play your Prevail Card” to be the calling card of those willing to stand up and say – we are all equal, every person deserves respect, every person deserves to be treated as human, every person deserves to live with dignity – and, we will not allow the hate to divide us.

It is NECESSARY – for us to stand tall, it is NECESSARY - for us to stand together, it is NECESSARY – for us to respect ALL sides.  It is NECESSARY – for us to Prevail.  Play YOUR Prevail Card.

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