Questions - we are being asked.

August 27, 2019

As we begin our launch to prepare for our Kickstarter campaign and the ultimate launch of the Prevail Card itself, people are asking, "what is the PrevailCard?".  So - let me give you a quick answer:

1. Prevail Card - is a tool to start conversations about respect, acceptance and dignity.

2. Prevail Card - is a response to the overwhelming amount of negative dialogue in today's world.

3. Prevail Card - is a voice for communities of people facing challenges in today's world.

4. Prevail Card - is a metaphor for overcoming the challenges of life.

5. Prevail Card - oh yeah, Prevail Card is a brand of playing cards just like you have used your whole life to play card games, like poker, bridge, spades, etc...  Produced by the US Playing Card Company, the largest maker of playing cards in the world for Prevail Card, LLC.

Our goal is simple - we want to become the most successful brand of playing cards in the world - and while doing so, we want to change the Social Dialogue around the world.

Did I mention - while we are trying to change social dialogue - we are also donating 10% to 25% of our revenue to non-profits advocating respect and equality?


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