November 03, 2019

Take the next step….


Everyone has goals, everyone has dreams – but there is a difference between having dreams and working toward those dreams – and even further differences in realizing those dreams.

Goals and dreams are all relative.  One person’s dream may be a small step for another – but that doesn’t change the importance or the enormity of that dream for the person with the dream.  In the Mid-West US, a person may dream of learning a new language and seeing other countries – while a person in Switzerland grew up speaking 6 languages and going to different countries every day.  A person growing up in the inner city with little economic resources may dream of a day where they don’t have to fear for their daily safety – while a person growing up in a middle-class family in a small town never even thinks about daily safety.

Relative or not, dreams are dreams – goals are goals.  Those goals and dreams are yours to own, yours to pursue and yours to achieve.  The question becomes “what are you going to do to realize those goals and dreams?”  Often times there is no obvious path or the path is truly daunting – too long, too, too hard, too challenging.

There are so many examples of people achieving their goals and dreams with what seem in surmountable odds.  We have identified several of them in our “People Who Inspire” posts on Instagram.  People like Nick Vujicic, born with no arms and legs – who goes on to become an international speaker and author; Greta Thunberg, a teenager with Asperger syndrome – who becomes a national voice for the environment; Maj. General Maria Barrett and Brig. General Paula Lodi – both sisters and obviously female – who go on to become generals in the Army.  And there are millions of people that don’t get written about who achieve their goals every day around the world. 

But, there are millions of us that struggle to get there.  Often times, it seems like all the people around you are succeeding in their goals and dreams while you are left struggling to even take steps toward your goals and dreams – or when you do take that step you face challenges to your success that prevent you from succeeding.

It is that group of people, which includes me, for which I write this post.  No matter how many hurdles you face, no matter how many challenge you are thrown, no matter how many times you fall – no matter how hard the path is and how high the goal.  Stand up and take the next step forward – it is the ONLY way to realize that dream.  Without taking the next step forward, the path never gets shorter, the dream never gets closer. 

All the people that we have written about in our People Who Inspire posts - all have one thing in common - they never gave up, they took the next step.  You can take the next step….  you can Prevail.

#playyourprevailcard – take the next step.


The Prevail Card – the calling card of Respect, Acceptance and Dignity.

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