November 10, 2019

What happened to honor?

Have you noticed?  Honor seems to have been left behind.  Our culture seems to have dropped Honor off at the curb and driven on.  The me, me, me culture – forgot a key element of humanity, a primary ingredient in respect – a basic premise being proud.  Honor has disappeared – left to the foot locker of history.

Oh, there will be those of you that protest this statement.  And I will agree there are random examples of honor existing in your world today.  But as a rule – honor, has gone missing.

Ask yourself – when is the last time you witness someone does something and said to yourself “that was the honorable thing to do”?  When is the last time you saw a leader take the honorable path – without being forced by pressure from outside forces.

In politics, the concept of honor is so far down flagpole it doesn’t even register.  Oh, every politician in a self-righteous position at the moment – will fly the flag of honor.  But when it comes down to it, we find over and over again, they were pushing an agenda, hiding their own issues or trying to leverage someone’s pain for their gain.  That is not honor.

Having honor is not having to demean your rivals, not having to degrade people that disagree with you, not having to distract or deceive.  Having honor means standing on your own two feet and owning your position – in the face of challenge, with having to discredit the challenge.

Honor is about give those that disagree with you the respect of their opinion.  Honor is about understanding that your idea, your opinion is yours – not the rule for everyone else to follow.  Honor is defeating your opponent – and allowing them dignity in their defeat.  Honor is being defeated and respecting the victor.

There was a time when honor was the measuring stick, honor was the important characteristic to exhibit, honor – was well, honorable.   We need more men and women of honor.  We need leaders who understand the value of honor and judge themselves accordingly. 

So many politicians or just people with a political point use some aspect of the Declaration of Independence to make their point - so I will do the same. What is the last word of the Declaration of Independence?  Honor.

We need more honor in each an everyone of us.




The Prevail Card - the Calling Card of Respect, Acceptance and Dignity.

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