The Basics

The Prevail Card is simply a traditional deck of playing cards!  However, the card back is designed to create conversations about the inclusion of all people and cultures.  Additionally, specific cards have been developed to celebrate specific communities of people.

So you can simply play cards - just like you always have.  But when you buy a deck of Prevail Cards - two things happen.  1) We give money directly to non-profits advocating for equality and 2) You get a tool designed to create conversations about Respect, Acceptance and Dignity.

Prevail Card® Values -Respect, Acceptance, Equality and Empathy.

Prevail Card® Beliefs – Winning can be accomplished with dignity and respect for the ones with which you are competing.

Prevail Card® Commitment – We believe in helping others and in doing so our commitment is to do just that. For every deck of Prevail Cards sold, we will donate 10% to 25% of the purchase to non-profit organizations helping communities representing people facing challenges of respect, acceptance and compassion.


Too Many "isms" - In many ways, today’s world is too full of “ism’s” – racism, classism, nationalism, elitism, isolationism, genderism, otherism, etc…

Too Little Respect – Too many people today lack even remote levels of empathy, understanding and respect.

Too Little Leadership – Too many people in leadership today are exhibiting exactly the wrong characteristics that the world needs in leaders.  It is up to each and every one of us to talk about and act with respect, dignity and compassion.

Whose Idea?

The Prevail Card® came from our annual Thanksgiving weekend game of cards in 2016. We play Euchre – a game with a long history dating back to 1800’s. A key element in Euchre is the use of a trump suit or trump card.   It didn’t take long for someone to suggest, “We have to come up with a new name for the 'trump card' ".   Thus began the effort to Change the Name in the Game.

History of the trump card -  The phrase “trump card” is derived from Trionfi, an Italian card game from the 15th century. The “trump card” or “trump suit” is common in many types of card games, including Eucher, Whist, and Bidwhist.

To “trump” has become synonymous with winning - so it has real meaning. It has also become a ubiquitous phrase in daily life,  as people often say "I played my trump card" to indicate they did something special to win.  

However, today, even to the mention of the word trump - creates a dialogue of hate and racism.  We want to change that dialogue - to one of inclusiveness and respect.

 Change the Name in the Game - The new term needed to have real History and reflect the actual Meaning - and it needed to be able to be used, not just in cards - but in Daily Life – just like the phrase “trump card”.  After months of brainstorming – the word “prevail” surfaced as the answer.

History - “Prevail” has a long history dating back to the 1300 – 1400’s in the Middle English word “prevayllen”.

Meaning - “To prevail” already means to win, to succeed, to overcome.

Life - "Prevail" is a term that many individuals and groups of people facing their unique challenge use every day – I will prevail and We will prevail” are the calling cards of groups around the world.

Our goal changed during this process - rather than just changing the name in the game, we also wanted to change the social dialogue around the world to one that focused on caring, empathy, respect and acceptance.  To do so - we needed a tool, a medium with which to communicate our message.  That tool became Prevail Card® playing cards.

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